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Aisling is one of the main characters of the French-Belgian animated film The Secret of Kells, based on the illustrated Gospel manuscript The Book of Kells. A fairy-like shapeshifting creature, Aisling is the sole survivor of her kind as Crom-Cruach killed them. Harboring fear towards the demon, Aisling finds assistance from the young monk Brendan. Aiding on his quest to find the Eye of Colm Cille, a unique magnifying lens captured by the demon, she eventually sacrificed herself for Brendan to finish his mission: to complete the Book of Kells and turn darkness into light. Since afterward, she appears as a spirit (in the form of a wolf), guiding Brendan to his path in Ireland, where the monk carries his mission to finish the book, eventually completing it.

Regarding the villain wars, Aisling appears in the second Heroes vs. Villains in a different role than her original portrayal. There, she appears as one of the new prominent heroes who clash with the forces of evil.

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