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Agrabah is the fictional country from the Disney's film series, and it's spin-off adaptations, Aladdin. Based on the Iraqi city of Bahdad, in terms of architectural construction, Agrabah is well known for the Palace of the Sultan, the city's main attraction, and for the Marketplace. Agrabah works as a sort of Sultanate, in terms of political power, ruled by its sultan. It also serves as the homeland for the street rat Aladdin, the flower of the desert Princess Jasmine, the scheming sorcerer Jafar, and the remarkable Cave of Wonders, the latter situated in the desert outside of the city.

Corrupted Agrabah

Agrabah also appears in the villains tournaments as one of the central, yet minor, locations, usually revolving around Jafar's tenure on the city, and also serving as one of the main battle sceneries, resulted either by heroes or villains respectively.