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Spledora Agatha "Aggie" Cromwell is one of the primary protagonists of the Disney's live-action series Halloweentown. A talented witch, Aggie is a magic-user of Halloweentown, a realm inhabited by demons and witches. She is also the mother of Gwen Piper, and by extension the grandmother of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie. She had once a terrible vision about a demon's uprising, should Halloweentown remained defenseless. To that end, she trained Marnie in the teachings of witchcraft long enough to counter the threat of the demon, who was revealed to be the "Mayor of Halloweentown", (otherwise known as the sorcerer Kalabar). Eventually, the Piper family managed to defeat their foes and reconcile with one another.

She also appears in the live-action segment of the second Disney Heroes vs. Villains as one of the prominent magic-users who rally the forces of good into the battle against the villains.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War - Part Two