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Agent Smith is the primary antagonist of The Matrix movie franchise. A malevolent program intent upon exterminating humanity, Smith is a secondary player in the Non Disney Villains Tournament.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Two


Non Disney Villains Tournament

Taken Down

While the Master is traversing the Matrix, Agent Smith catches sight of him. Mistaking the Master for a human being, Smith tries to assimilate his foe. Since Smith is made out of data, the Master is able to repulse him with a laser screwdriver. Smith recovers from the blast, altering his body so that the screwdriver will have little effect. Smith is then easily able to knock the screwdriver out of the Master's hand. Smith then assimilates the Master, believing the Time Lord will simply become another of his clones. However, the Master retains his autonomy, pushing Agent Smith into an oncoming train.

Agent Smith as Bishop in the universe Animated.

A New World

The Master soon takes control of Agent Smith completely. Once the Master allies with Mok Swagger, he sends Agent Smith to the animated universe as his liaison. Now christened as Bishop, Agent Smith is pitted against Tyler when the latter shows insubordination. Tyler tries to beat Smith down, but Smith grabs a nearby electric probe and jams it into Tyler's leg. He then kicks over the stunned Tyler. Tyler tries to slice Smith to ribbons using a sword, but Smith gets ahold of a ninjaken blade and defends himself. Eventually, Tyler disarms him. Smith rolls out of the way. He throws a dagger into Tyler and then snaps Tyler's sword in half with the ninjaken. In a particularly sadistic move, Smith uses a buzzsaw to cut Tyler open.

A Helping Hand

On Mok's behalf, Agent Smith offers to repair damages to Doctor Robotnik's lair in exchange for permission to use the scientist's roboticizer. Smith and Mok use this roboticizer to gain the loyalties of Baxter Stockman. Agent Smith later reveals to Mok his opinions on humanity, namely, that humanity is a virus rather than a mammal. This inspires Mok to unleash AM from within his super computer.

A Final, Fatal Plan

Acting outside Mok's official plans, Agent Smith sets up a trap and captures Karai, the adopted daughter of the Utrom Shredder. He demands all of the Utrom's Shredder's alien technology in exchange for her return. Assuming that Utrom will try to free Karai, Agent Smith hides under a grate and waits for the rescue team. His assumption is correct, as Hun soon storms into the lair. Agent Smith leaps up and kicks Hun into another room, where Tyler is lying in wait. Smith doesn't get much time to rest, as Storm Shadow frees Karai. Karai leaps at Smith, but Smith manages to get her in an arm bar. Using Karai's trapped sword arm as a weapon, Smith manages to fence Storm Shadow to a standstill. Smith looks on in pleasure when Tyler arrives and kills Storm Shadow. Amon arrives, kickboxing his way to a brief victory against Agent Smith, but Thrax manages to beat him back. Matters turn even more sour when the Utrom Shredder himself arrives and defeats both Thrax and Tyler.

Agent Smith tries to make an escape, but Karai pursues, whip chain in hand. She destroys the console of Smith's machinery, generating a massive explosion. Caught in the blast, Smith flies straight into a hanging hook; he ends up impaled, face first.

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Agent Smith, having regenerated from his demise, tracks down Baxter Stockman, who is now performing a series of experiments on the fallen Jeremiah Gottwald. Smith warns him not to take the experiments too far.

Movies Villains War

Teaming with Cobra Commander

Meanwhile, Cobra's true leader, the Cobra Commander, met with the newest member of Cobra: Agent Smith.

Vs Red Skull

Meanwhile, Red Skull held a rally with his soldiers and allies, including Kroenen and Hans Landa, planning for the Nazis to conquer the entire world. However, after the rally, Red Skull found himself confronted by a man in a black suit and sunglasses, who introduced himself as Agent Smith and informed him of his intentions to destroy Red Skull's faction. Irritated, Red Skull shot Agent Smith with a ray gun, killing him. However, he soon found that the Smith he had killed was a decoy, while the real Agent Smith advanced on him. Red Skull and Smith then faced each other in hand-to-hand combat, with Red Skull shooting Smith with a handgun. Smith, however, was completely unharmed, and knocked Red Skull to the ground. Tiring of Red Skull, Agent Smith assimilated him into his complex, transforming him into a clone of himself. With Red Skull now under his control, Smith left him to act as his mole within the Nazi faction.

Sending Hans

The Joker welcomes Hans to his tower and welcomes him as a new member of his group. But he soon realizes that it's a trap: Hans' men kill the clown minions, trap the Joker and inform Agent Smith that they got him. It was in fact a test for Hans to prove loyalty to the Commander; something that the Joker will not soon forget.

Teaming with the Sith

Kyln prison, controlled by the General Grievous, holds the most dangerous criminals in all the galaxy (at least the ones they could arrest). This includes the likes of Magneto, Bellatrix Lestrange, the Scarecrow, the Lizard, Raoul Silva, Simon Phoenix, Boris the Animal, John Doe…..and now the Joker, having been arrested by Agent Smith, who now seems to want to get closer to the Empire than to the Cobras. In his cell, the Joker faces an old familiar face, who can’t wait to get his revenge and to make him pay for what he has done to him.

Animated vs Video Games Villains

Teaming with Wesker

Wesker is revealed to have survived the violent assault and is found by Agent Smith and Kane, both very pleased with how well he did in Phase 1 of their master plan.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three


Zorg returns back to his bosses, with Mewtwo as his prisoner. Judge Doom and Cobra Commander are pleased, but are soon confronted by Agent Smith who warns them about all the bad things that will happen in the future. The two both decide to prepare for the dreadful upcoming future for they have some more animated trespassers that they will deal with soon.

Revealing his master

Finally, Agent Smith is revealed to be working for President Snow, to plans to make his move soon.

Live Action Villains Tournament (GaVillain)

Vs Freddy Krueger

The Umbrella Corporation puts the town of Silent Hill under lock down. Displeased by this, Ramsley sends Freddy to kill one of the head executives. But as it turns out, Agent Smith isn't exactly human.

Trying to explain something

Smith explains his attack and suspicions to his collegue and boss. Director Wesker however doesn't believe there is an alliance and continues the surveilance.

Ultimate Free For All Villains Tournament

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War - Part Two