Adolf Hitler is a minor antagonist in the Ralph Bakshi's animated movie Wizards. The former dictator of Germany, Hitler's personality inspired the sorcerer Blackwolf to become the new leader of his world's order, exploiting the benefits of Nazism to his outnumbered mutant army. Hitler is notorious for his famous speeches during the events of World War II, which were contained in a projector. This projector is used to Blackwolf's advantage, either by encouraging his mutant army or distracting his enemies.

Regarding the Villains Wars, Hitler appears, as a background character, in the Non-Disney Villains Tournament and in Heroes vs. Villains War.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

An Unseen Victory

After a small of fight, between the armies of Blackwolf and the Blue Meanies, Blackwolf enters the battlefield, with a projector. He activates the projector, revealing to the Blue Meanies, images of Hitler and the Nazi Party. Terrified to see the Nazis' cruel actions, the Blue Meanies retreat back to the mountains, leaving a successful victory for Blackwolf and his army, Hitler and the Nazis do not appear afterwards, since Blackwolf was killed in the later events of the war.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Distracted Visions

In this war, Blackwolf sends his army to destroy a village and i's inhabitants. While Blackwolf sends his first line of attack with his mutant army, he distracts the villagers with visions of Hitler and the Nazi soldiers, terrifying the villagers. While distracted, Blackwolf and his partners, Saruman and Nekron, order their armies to attack the village, killing all of them.

Since Blackwolf perished in the later events, Hitler and the Nazi soldiers ceased to exist.

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