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in contrast to Disney, who depicted Hitler as an unseen demonic evil, Looney Tunes generally depicted as an evil, but fairly incompetent buffoon, akin to a used car salesman. He is shown as immensely egotistical and not as intelligent as he thinks.

In Daffy the Commando, after Daffy hits him with a mallet, Hitler whines for the help of Nazi soldier, Schultz just as Von Vultur did earlier. In Herr meets Hare, it is revealed that Hitler chews on carpets(similar is shown in Scrap Happy Daffy) and that the gold medals he awards Goering with are all cheap forgeries. He is also shown as afraid of Stalin in both Russian Rhapsody and Herr meets Hare, referring to the Russian's advancing on Berlin at that point.

in The Ducktators he's caricatured as a duck.

Adolf Hitler as a duck

in Non Disney Villains War Reboot his duck counterpart is the leader of his Nazi Party or his Alliance.