Adam was the first Angel, the first of Earth's two Seeds of Life and the father of all Angels. He is the counterpart of Lilith, and the genetic basis for the Evangelions. He appears in the lore of Worst Hero And Villain War Ever.

Worst Hero And Villain War Ever


Adam was a demon created by Demon King, an all powerful, destructive demon that carried Seed of Life, usually used by Elder Gods to bring life into universes. Thanks to the Seed, Adam was especially powerful and created many children, that collectively became known as Angels. Adam wiped out the worlds created by Goddess Clan with several "Impacts", supernatural events that could wipe out living organisms effortlessly. Goddess Clan went to war against Adam with vengeance. Head Angel used her power to rip Seed of Life from Adam's heart and take it for herself. Adam ended up growing much more weaker because of it. With combined effort from Elder Gods, Adam's and all his Angel's souls were sealed inside a casket located somewhere in the universe. However, with Seed of Life's history inside Adam, the Seed was able to spawn many Adam-controlled beings in the universe.

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