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Ace is the leader of the Gangreen Gang and is the most confident and malicious of the group. A minor villain in the Powerpuff Girls universe, Ace plays a minor role in the second Disney vs Non Disney Villains War.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two

Against the Fearsome Five

The Fearsome Five rises to conquer the criminal empire, leaving Ace and his fellow small time thugs without a piece of the action. The Gang's fortune changes when they acquire superpowers from Hades. Ace, in particular, develops power over ice, being able to project it at will. With these powers in tow, Ace and his compatriots try to take over the criminal underworld. Ace stops Bushroot from using his plants to end the battle, slicing them apart with ice shards. The entire Gang ends up winning the battle, although Negaduck, the leader of the Fearsome Five, escapes.

Rise and Fall

As a result of this victory, the Gangreen Gang becomes the dominant force in the criminal underworld. Ace attempts an alliance with the Senor Senior clan, but Senor Senior Sr. rejects his offer on grounds of Ace's repulsive demeanor. Enraged, Ace hires Fuzzy Lumpkins to eliminate the Seniors, but the pink hillbilly fails.

Ace's fortunes come to an end, however, when Hades decides to collect his payment for the gang's superpowers. Hades's agents, theWeird Sisters, come for the fee, but Ace convinces the gang to attack the witches instead. Ace personally blasts the three into a lake. The advantage, however, does not last. The sisters, combining their magic, easily overwhelm the other members of the gang. They even manage to take back the gang's powers. Ace witnesses the deaths of all his fellow comrades. By the end of the fight, he is only able to look in fear as the witches dispatch him.

Non Disney Vs DC Villains War

Ace, along with the rest of the Gangreen Gang, is a constant threat at Gotham City, pulling off his antics, at any way he could think. His reign of terror comes to end, when Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy confront them, to stop the gang. At first glance, Ace mocks the women, only for Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to reveal their skills and abilities, besting every single member of the gang, save only Ace for last. Before Ace would even react, Poison Ivy knocks out the Gang's leader with a powerful punch, defeating him.

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Ace (Powerpuff Girls Z)

Cartoon Villains War

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