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Abis Mal is a bumbling and cowardly Agrabah criminal who appears in both the Disney vs. Non-Disney Villains and Disney Villains War tournaments, frequently as an underling of a more powerful villain. He is a recurring villain in the expanded universe for Disney's Aladdin film, appearing in the sequel The Return of Jafar and the televison series.

Disney vs Non Disney Villains - Part Two


There are two absolute facts regarding the gargoyle known as Demona. She has been alive for centuries, and over the course of those centuries, she's ruined countless lives. But, arguably, none were effected as significantly as the man known as Parrahnour Mal.

Let's go back a couple centuries from the present day the war takes place in, quite some time after Demona gained her immortality. Parrahnour Mal was the leader of the Huntsclan Agrabah branch. He was also coveted as one of the greatest Huntsmasters of all time. Little did anyone know, Parrahnour Mal had no hunting skill whatsoever. He was just extremely lucky. The day he took down the giant dragon of the Rocky Mountains? The dragon's own footsteps caused a rockslide that crushed it. The day he conquered the Ice Elves? The hottest day of the Summer. The day he vanquished the Loch Ness Monster? A whirlpool sucked him up, completly coincidently.

Parrahnour Mal, despite all of this, adored the fame and attention he got, inflating his ego. He lead the Agraban Huntsclan until the fateful day on which he set the goal of slaying Demona, the last gargoyle. Alone, he cornered the gargoyle inside of a cave. Demona saw the intruder. Eyes glowing red, Demona lunged at him. They had a savage battle, that ended with Parrahnour Mal on the ground, close to death. Demona could've easily killed the human, but, she had a better idea. "I've seen your work, human..." Demona knew of Parrahnour Mal's pure luck. Using a spell off of a stone tablet she uncovered in the cave, Demona cast a curse on Parrahnour Mal. He, and all of his future relatives, would have incredibly poor luck. Parrahnour Mal left the Huntsclan after that, and lived out the rest of his days with incredibly bad luck, as would his son after him, and his son, and so on.

Despite their poor luck, the family went on to lead a pack of thieves, the leader determined by blood. The leader of the band had a son, Abis Mal. Meaning should he have to fall out of leadership, Abis Mal would take his place.

After an attempted raid on the Agrabah royal palace goes horribly wrong, Abis Mal's father found himself arrested by Razoul. This would mean Abis Mal would step into leadership. His father, aware of his son's poor luck and rather dense mind, was concerned. From his jail cell, Abis Mal's father begged his right hand man, Haroud Hazi Been, to keep an eye on his son.

Under Abis Mal's leadership, the band of thieves eventually made their names known, particularly to the sorceror, Jafar...

Sultan for a Time

After the first war, the disappearance of Jafar creates a power vacuum in Agrabah. Abis Mal manages, somehow, to become Sultan. Mechanicles serves as his right hand man. When Mirage comes to Agrabah, however, Abis Mal loses some of his power, though he retains the title.

Losing the Crown

Mal's empire comes crashing down with the arrival of Skeletor. The sorcerer brings with him a massive army willing to take down Abis Mal's forces. In this moment, Mechanicles proves a more decisive leader. He demands that Mal throw "the pink lever," used to summon an army of mud men. Abis Mal has no qualms with listening to Mechanicles in this moment and throws the lever. The mud men emerge, as expected, but Skeletor's second-in-command, Evil Lyn, freezes them. Abis Mal and Mechanicles enter the fray in a giant mechanical praying mantis, but another of Skeletor's lieutenants, Tri-Klops, takes them out with a grenade.

A New Master - Vs Admiral Zhao

Abis Mal and Mechanicles, disgraced after the loss at Agrabah, seek refuge with Maleficent at the Forbidden Mountain. Fortunately for them, she takes them in. She soon sends Abis Mal to steal the lamp of Jafar from the Fire Nation. Though Abis Mal tries to be secretive, he disturbs Admiral Zhao in meditation. When Zhao turns to face him, Mal sics his troops on the warrior. Zhao knocks them out handily, but Mal grabs the lamp. Zhao continually scorches Mal's behind as he tries to run away, causing the hapless henchman to drop the lamp. This proves the final straw for Abis Mal, as he draws his sword and charges Zhao. He actually nearly cuts down his rival, but Zhao nimbly dodges. A thrust, however, downs Zhao briefly. Zhao strikes Mal with a massive fireball, forcing Abis Mal and his associates to flee.

The Battle of the Forbidden Mountains

Abis Mal finally gets a chance at revenge against Skeletor when the wizard attacks Maleficent's lair. During the battle, he uses a magic tornado to destroy a leviathan-sized monster summoned by Skeletor. Orwen, one of the Witches of Morva, then turns Abis Mal into a giant. Abis Mal uses his new size and laser vision to their fullest, taking out Merman and laying waste to the battlefield. However, Evil Lyn has enough of Mal's attacks and changes him back into a normal person. Fortunately for Mal, Maleficent's forces win battle. He later sells the recently captured Evil Warriors to Kent Mansley for a hefty sum.

Disney Vs Non Disney Villains War - Part Three

 Sweeping Away Insects

During the events of the third war, Ursula assigns Abis Mal on a mission to claim the Snake Mountains, Skeletor's former base, assisting him with tech upgrading magic. Abis Mall agrees and heads off to the Snake Mountains, where he discovers that the Mountain is guarded by the last warrior of Skeletor, Webstor. Though Haroud Hazi Been had been assure for that mission, Abis Mal proves worthy, as he blasts off Webstor and his snake mutants, killing them. With his rivals destroyed, Abis Mal claims the Snake Mountains for Ursula.

Disney Villains War 2

The New Sultan

In Agrabah, the bandit Abis Mal declared himself sultan, believing Jafar safely dead. He was watched by Lord Cedric, the right-hand man of another equally dangerous sorcerer who had his own designs for Agrabah.

Vs Phobus

Having become the new sultan of Agrabah, Abis Mal ordered his men to plunder the city of its riches. However, he was then approached by Prince Phobos, crown prince of Meridian and a powerful wizard, who demanded Mal turn the city over to him as a base for his army. Mal refused, believing he had strength in numbers, and Phobos transformed his minion Cedric into a giant serpent-man. Mal promptly ordered his men to attack Cedric. Before Mal's thugs could do anything, Cedric knocked barrels into them, taking them out of the fight. One of the thieves quickly counterattacked and slashed Cedric with his sword. As Abis Mal's men closed in for another attack, Cedric beat the thieves into submission. Enraged, Abis Mal attempted to take on Phobos himself, but Phobos knocked him down with a telekinetic attack. Before Abis Mal could recover, Cedric charged him and sent him flying and knocked him into his minions, leaving them dazed and disoriented. Phobos then used his magic to bring Agrabah under his control, turning it into a demonic citadel. Seeing that they had no chance of winning, Abis Mal and his thieves fled the city as Phobos claimed it for himself.

Find a lamp

In the Arabian desert, Abis Mal and his bandits discovered a dark lamp hidden in an old well. Attempting to clean it off, Mal watched in horror as Jafar emerged in his genie form, having been returned to the Animated Universe by Ansem's power.

His first wish

Granted three wishes by Jafar, Abis Mal chose to use them for vengeance against Prince Phobos. Wishing for Jafar to summon a monster that would frighten Phobos off the throne, Jafar released the smoke demon Sootinai, although he was frustrated with Mal's small thinking.

Thinking bigger

Trying to convince Abis Mal to think bigger, Jafar managed to coax him into wishing for Jafar to summon a powerful hunter to dispose of Prince Phobos' Tracker.

His second wish

Abis Mal decided to make his second official wish, asking for an army of magical elephants to assault Agrabah. Again frustrated that his "master" wasn't taking the big picture into account, Jafar decided to teach him a lesson by summoning the bizarre Pink Elephants and the equally surreal Heffalumps and Woozles. Abis Mal was terrified at the sight of these strange creatures, especially as they turned on each other. They began popping each other like balloons and beating each other with cymbals. One elephant even conjured up thunderbolts and began throwing them at Abis Mal. As the elephants continued battling each other, Jafar had had enough and unleashed a magical blast that destroyed the elephants. With two wishes having been spent, Jafar warned Abis Mal to take his time with the third one or he would regret it.

Teaming with Queen Grimhilde

Bringing Abis Mal with him to England, Jafar allied himself with Grimhilde in return for her aid against Phobos.

The Attack of Agrabah

Jafar and Abis Mal approached Agrabah, eager to reclaim the city for the mad genie. As Phobos' forces charged Jafar, disguised as a dark horseman with his group of dark thieves, he enchanted the wall, causing large vines to block their path. Jafar then summoned Al-Muddy mud warriors to aid them. As Phobos' archers kept them at bay, more of his forces rolled a boulder onto them, knocking them out of the fight. Phobos' gargoyle creature then moved to attack Jafar, but it underestimated the genie who knocked it back with a sandstorm then turned the creature to stone. The gargoyle broke free as Cedric moved in to attack Jafar, but the genie conjured dragon heads from his hands, breathing fire at Cedric and destroying one of his hands. Phobos' archers then fired at Jafar, obscuring him in a cloud of smoke. Abis Mal thought his benefactor had fallen, but Jafar revealed himself unharmed. As Haroud Hazi Been tried to engage Jafar, his head was turned into a lamp. Jafar then turned Cedric into a harmless worm-like creature, removing him from the battle. Jafar then used his magic to disguise himself as Jasmine, hoping to exploit the chaos of battle to infiltrate Phobos' palace. Before the real Jasmine could interfere, Abis Mal kicked her, knocking her out. Jafar then departed in his Jasmine guise to face Phobos.

Disney Villains War 3

Keeping his last wish

Razoul informed Jafar and Abis Mal about the Mukthar and the prison break and told Abis Mal to use his last wish to negate this. Jafar however told them there might be another way.

New friends

Pete and his new friends Gideon, Foulfellow and Winky were given a nice amount of treasure from Abis Mal in a move to bribe them into an alliance. They of course accepted it.Pete lived up to his promise to Abis Mal to aid him but walked in as he and Jafar were about to settle a matter.

Mechanicles, fresh from his defeat, was pursued by Jafar and Abis Mal to join them. He took their offer for a chance of vengeance very happily.

Disney Villains War Reboot

Abis Mal appears in the reboot series in a role similar to the original series, although this time he appears in the first part of the series.

In the wake of the original Sultan's deposition from the throne of Agrabah, Abis Mal becomes the new Sultan of Agrabah, though he felt irrirated by the arrival of Lord Cedric, the snake-servant of Prince Phobos, who arrived with malevolent intentions.

Disney Vs Marvel Villains War - Part 2

Disney Vs Anime Villains War

Vs Nerissa and Hex

Mercurymon sent, Nerissa and Hex to attack Agrabah. Knowing that Jafar was the only one who knew where was his hideout decided to destroy his kingdom. But the vile snake will not allow such a move an goes to stop this invasion, but now Him has decided to join this fight to add some chaos by releasing Chaos. But as the devil and his allies are fighting his arch-foe and his allies arrive to stop him and his allies. Will Agrabah survive this destruction?

Disney Vs Anime Villains War - Part 2

Animated Vs Video Game Villains War

Vs Team Rocket

Having found a large thing of treasure, Abis Mal is about to take it back with him when Team Rocket arrives, wanting to take the treasure back to their boss for a promotion, and shortly after, a fight breaks out.

Escape from Agrabah

Having escaped from the recently corrupted Agrabah, Abis Mal finds himself lost in a desert. But hey, at least he found a nice looking lamp...

Following Abis Mal, Jafar sees what became of Agrabah, and the genie isn't very happy about it...

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Two

Vs Ash

Sneaking all over France, Abis Mal and his henchmen come across the Hall of Paris where they end up finding Ash Ketchum. But of course, Ash is not pleased of intruders, and has lots of guts and guards up his sleeve.

Pokemon Heroes vs Disney and Non Disney Villains-Part Three

In Jafar's faction

Jafar returns to Agrabah, and gathers up a powerful alliance that includes Mirage, Abis Mal, Mechanicles, and the Al Muddy. With them, Jafar uses the opportunity to prepare for world domination.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War

Vs Mulan

While Ursula was capturing the Genie, Jafar himself headed for China to help Shan Yu's invasion, bringing his lackey Abis Mal along for backup. Finding the Chinese Imperial Army, which had been mustered to face the Huns, Jafar, Mal, and a group of shadowy horsemen ambushed them in a mountain pass. Abis Mal kicked Captain Li Shang off his horse while Jafar and the horsemen rained fire down on the soldiers from above, forcing them into a retreat. Seeing what was happening, Mulan (who had managed to join up with the army) attacked Abis Mal when he threatened Shang, easily defeating the thief. Jafar then revealed himself, hypnotizing Shang with his staff. The soldiers Yao, Ling, and Chien Po tried to help Shang, but Jafar scared them off with a demonstration of his power. Jafar knocked Mulan to the ground, revealing her to be a woman. Since a woman joining the Imperial Army, especially by subterfuge, was a capital crime, Jafar convinced Shang to leave Mulan in the mountains to die of exposure. With most of the Imperial Army now under his control, Jafar and Shang departed, leaving Mulan with only her companions Mushu and Cri-Kee for comfort.

Vs Peter Pan and Jim

Hearing that one of the ships in Zurg's invasion fleet had crash-landed near Forbidden Mountain, Peter Pan and Jim Hawkins set out to capture it to use as their own. Though the crash-site was guarded, the two youths found that the bumbling Abis Mal and his men were the ones tasked with watching the ship. Peter flew into the rigging and started taunting Abis Mal and his bandits. As Mal's goons tried to attack him, Peter evaded their clumsy efforts and caused them to run into each other. While the bandits were distracted, Jim knocked a spinning piece of machinery into them, bowling them over. Peter then threw a knife at Abis Mal, slicing his hat apart. Jim fired on Mal with his blaster pistol, forcing him to run for cover. Peter then used the rigging to launch himself at Mal, knocking Mal off the ship and into the water. Jim and Peter then claimed the ship and departed with it; though the ship's flight capabilities had been damaged beyond repair, it could still function as a conventional ship.

Vs Beast Forces

While Beast and Quasimodo were seeking a way to rescue Belle, the Beast's servants watched over his castle, helped in this task by the gargoyles Victor, Hugo, and Laverne. The tedium of their vigil was broken, however, when they saw Abis Mal and his bandit gang coming up the road, hoping to loot the castle while the Beast was out. When the bandits entered the castle, they found it seemingly empty except for furniture, but the situation changed when the furniture sprang to life and attacked. The Beast's servants put up a valiant defense, attacking however they could, with the Wardrobe even body-slamming two of the thieves. The gargoyles also joined in, with Victor dropping a brick on one and Hugo knocking down a chandelier on several more when they moved in to attack. Sneaking up behind some of the bandits, Lumiere ignited his head, burning the looters. Deciding to strike at Abis Mal, Hugo chewed up a pebble and spat it out like a machine gun, sending Mal ducking for cover. Some of the bandits thought they had found an easy target in Sultan, the footrest dog, cornering him in the kitchen. As they closed in, living knives and Chef Bouche, the fire-spouting oven, jumped in to defend Sultan, sending the bandits fleeing in terror. Cogsworth arrived with a Napoleon hat, a flintlock pistol, and a pair of scissors, sliding down the bannister and stabbing Abis Mal in the rear. Seeing they were outmatched by the stalwart defenders, Mal and his bandits retreated.

Disney Heroes Vs Villains War-Part Two

Vs Captain Phoebus and Esmeralda

Reinstated as captain of the guard after Frollo's death, Phoebus was kept busy keeping the streets of Paris safe as the city recovered from the first war. His job was further complicated as Abis Mal and his bandits arrived to loot the city. Spotting Mal, Phoebus sent his men to apprehend the thieves. As the two groups fought, Abis Mal came at Phoebus with a fish, but Phoebus pulled scaffolding down on Abis Mal. As the other thieves came at Phoebus, Esmeralda arrived on the scene and threw a stone at some empty barrels, knocking them onto the bandits. She then picked up a large candlestick and beat the thieves into submission with it. Phoebus then punched Abis Mal to the ground when he tried to attack again. Djali then headbutted Abis Mal, knocking him into the other thieves. As the guards prepared to apprehend the thieves, Abis Mal and his gang retreated, with the guards in hot pursuit.

Heroes Vs Villains War

Villains War (Legion of Darkness)

In Maleficent's faction

At Forbideen Mountain, Maleficent bring Hades and Jafar to propose an alliance. Gadly, they accept the offer.

Plans for him

After killing the sultan, Jafar propose an alliance for Abis Mal, but he denied because Him asked him first.Him and Jafar decide to fight for deciding which Abis Mal will join.

Freeing Nadakhan

Jafar tricked Abis Mal into going to desert to find Nadakhan's lamp. The thief finds it and freed Nadakhan, much to Jafar's delight.

Hand Drawn Animated Heroes vs Villains War

Villains Battles 3

Joining a faction to stop Pete and Yosemite Sam

In a land called Meridan, the ruler of it and its allies gathered to take out Pete and Yosemite Sam as well as Scar, Ratigan, Shan-yu and Prince John to end their reign and become the new king of the world. Soon, they meet Abis Mal, who has been searching a place to hide since the battle for the Fire Nation that resulted in Fire Lord Ozai's death last war. After discussing what to do with Abis Mal, the entire faction decide to recruit him as now they continue their preparation for the upcoming war against our heroes.

Villains War (Adrian C)

Freeing Jafar

Jafar returns thanks to Abis Mal.

TV Villains Tournament Remake

All-Star Villains Tournament

CGI & Non-Disney Heroes vs. CGI, Disney, & Non-Disney Villains War