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AM, also know by the codenames Allied Mastercomputer, Adaptive Manipulator and Aggressive Menace is the main antagonist of the Harlan Ellison novel I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream and its videogame adaptation.

In the villain war context, he plays a supporting role in Non-Disney Villains Tournament, serving as Mok's supercomputer.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

Regaining Sentience

Agent Smith surprises Mok in his laboratory and proceeds to deliver a speech regarding mankind's parasitic and pointless nature and the need to cure it through science and manipulation. Mok eventually grows intrigued by the rogue program's words and tells him to show him what he has got. Smith gladly does so by removing the inhibitors on Mok's supercomputer, who is revealed to be the angry and bitter artificial intelligence of AM; who has plans of taking his revenge on mankind himself.

Playing God

AM twists and deforms Hun into a hideous mutant looking creature for his own sick pleasure, taunting the once proud and powerful crime boss.

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