"What's Her Face" is a mutant woman and one of the secondary villains in the animated movie, Rock and Rule. An impresonate actress, who has a close affiliation with Mok Swagger, "What's Her Face" appears briefly in both Non-Disney Villains Tournament and Heroes vs. Villains War.

Non Disney Villains Tournament

"What's Her Face" appears, briefly, during Red's musical number. She is murdered by the hellcat, as Red desires to shown his real nature, by causing chaos, mayhem and destruction.

Heroes Vs Villains War

"What's Her Face" takes the form of Angel, while Mok's partner, Jafar, has the goddess, Eris, to take the form of his rival lover, Jasmine, on purpose to manipulate the heroes into their trap. As soon as Omar meets the disguised mutant woman, believing to be his lover, with his greatest archnemeis, he screams in agony, bot before he is kidnapped by the Schlepper Brothers. Later, Mok congratulates "What's Her Face" for her perfomance, which the woman responds to him that it was a pleasure to work with him. "What's Her Face"'s fate remains ambiguos by the end of the war.

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